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Our Mission


MSiA treasurer, Melinda Wills-Stallings, working on the club budget at the Hauppauge unit.

The Minority Students in Action club is a space for students to confer, collaborate, and support each other as well as generate a voice for more inclusion at the college.

Our Objectives

  •  Provide a safe space for minority students to discuss problems without fear of being disregarded or facing reprisal
  • Generate support for minority students in developing academic goals and facing challenges that jeopardize their achievements,
  • DSC00237

    Members Sandra, ’13 (left) and Migdalia (right) at the MSiA 2015 Student Wellness Retreat Reception.

    Represent the interests and concerns of minority students at Empire State College

  • Encourage pluralism and cultural relevancy on the part of the faculty, administration, and the student body at large
  • Increase diversity awareness and friendship between all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin

“There are a lot of different ways that you can be outside of having structural and institutional support in the U.S., and we’re concerned about all of those.” – Erin Young, PhD., Faculty Advisor

titleMinority Students in Action is a college wide club that offers valuable information and services to ALL Empire students, including:

Online Meetings – Member meetings will be accessible online. MSiA members who want to participate will be able to log onto a meeting with their computer or smartphone.

Members-Only Resources Page – While some of the pages on the MSiA website are open to everyone, others are for club members only. This includes:state

  • MSiA Events
  • MSiA Resources
  • MSiA Tips
  • Webinars
  • Peer Advisor Service*

Registration is easy and makes brings with it all of these sources!  *Coming Soon

Peer Advisor Service – We all need someone to talk to about challenges we may be facing in our studies. The MSiA Peer Advisor Service is staffed with experienced Empire student volunteers. They are there to assist members with learning how to best overcome an academic obstacle.

Empire students don’t allow distance to impede their quest for knowledge. Let’s not let it keep us from learning and growing together.


Layla Abdullah-Poulos, President

The MSiA Executive Board


Layla Abdullah- Poulos, Founder

“Many minority students express that they feel little connection to the college outside of their course studies. It is my hope that Minority Students in Action will provide a venue for students to connect and enrich their Empire experiences..”Layla Abdullah-Poulos, Founder

“MSiA will provide students with the opportunity to share their perspectives on the college. In turn, faculty will gain the opportunity to listen, learn, and more effectively support our diverse student population”.-Erin Young, PhD, Faculty Advisor

“In the spirit of “each one, teach one” MSiA members share our experiences of dilemmas we have faced, our knowledge gained through overcoming challenges, and testimonies of effectively navigating our way through, in our shared goals of successfully completing and furthering our collegiate education.” – Melinda Wills-Stallings, President

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