MSiA at Metro Center’s Financial Wellness Workshop

IMG-20140927-01277Board Member Jawana Richardson spent the day at Empire’s Metropolitan Center for their “Financial Wellness Workshops:  Taking Control of your  Personal Finances” workshop.  Participants acquired valuable financial information and had the opportunity to network.  Empire students from all parts of the state took part in the workshop.


Robert Carey, PhD. (Historical Studies mentor and Metro Unit Coordinator), Jawana RichardsonTica Frazer (Brooklyn Unit Administrator), and Cory Kallet (Business Management and Economics Mentor)


Mark Anthony Solomon, Elaine Perkins (student, School for Graduate Studies – Albany), and Jawana Richardson


Mentor Corey Kallet discussing financial success.


Tanya Thompson – President of the 40+ and Fabulous Club

IMG-20140927-01267 - CopyIMG-20140927-01267IMG-20140927-01269

Students and community members enjoying the workshop.


Sherman Richardson letting everyone know about MSiA!

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