Don’t Miss MSiA Members’ Presentations at the Empire State College Student Academic Conference

poster-153995Every year, Empire State College students attend the Student Academic Conference to network and share all of their great learning.  This year, MSiA Executive Board members Layla Abdullah-Poulos, Melinda Wills Stallings, Jawana Richardson, and Baraka Corely will be presenting at the conference.


Breasts and Beards:  A lesson in Western Secular Extremism and the Significance of Cultural Relevancy ∼Layla Abdullah-Poulos

Resiliency, Healing, and Self-Efficacy for the African American Student: The Development of Strategies to Successfully Combat Institutionalized Racism, and Internalized Oppression in Higher Education ∼ Baraka Corely

Accelerate Your Degree Program Through Your “Prior Learning” Experiences!  ∼ Jawana Richardson

Native American History:  Assimilation to Activism ∼ Melinda Wills-Stallings

NPR Research News: Evidence Of Racial, Gender Biases Found In Faculty Mentoring

NPR reported on gender and racial bias in mentoring relationships between students and college professors.  The newscast was based on a Wharton study conducted by professors Katherine L. Milkman, Modupe Akinola, and Dolly Chugh titled What Happens Before? A Field Experiment Exploring How Pay and Representation Differentially Shape Bias on the Pathway into Organizations.  The study involved email responses of 6,500 professors in 250 colleges across the country. Continue reading

MSiA President Layla Abdullah-Poulos @ Metropolitan Center’s ” Immigrants: Reinventing America” Art Exhibit

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The SUNY Empire State College Metropolitan Center was alive with inspiration and discussion about the wonderful stories told through the artwork of college students and alum.  “Immigrants:  Reinventing America” truly proved that our society and culture is enriched by its diversity. Continue reading

Join MSiA Board Member Layla Abdullah-Poulos at the “Immigrants: Reinventing America” Art Show @ Metro

layla pic [3]Club president Layla Abdullah-Poulos will be at SUNY Empire State College Metropolitan Center’s Brooklyn unit to for the Immigrants: Reinventing America multicultural art exhibition this evening.

The exhibit will allow us to see a variety of expression of the immigrant experience that is such an important part of American culture.

Visit the ESC Alumni page for more information.

MSiA Members: Check Your Emails to Reserve a Ticket For the Meet and Greet!

Member TicketMSiA Members receive special invitations for club events. These invitations allow members to obtain reserve tickets for events before space becomes unavailable.  The special invitations are free and sent via email.

Space is limited for the Student Meet and Greet on November 1st, so reserve your space today!