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The Empire State College 10th Annual Student Academic Conference was a wonderful opportunity for students to meet and share knowledge.  It was also afforded students the chance to learn about Minority Students in action and all of the other great clubs at the college.

We are proud that four MSiA Executive board members presented at the conference:

10418510_642441929206037_4194009901876942520_nPresident Layla Abdullah-Poulos wowed people with two presentations that extended from her work with the School for Graduate Studies’ Women and Gender Studies Advance Certificate program. Her poster presentations demonstrated how social messaging about the objectification of the female body endure and have been extended through popular culture into Zombie depictions and the need for cultural relevancy when feminist groups encounter a culture different from theirs.

1779856_1491208364476948_2873644625821596032_nTreasurer Melinda Wills-Stallings reignited interests in Native American history and their experiences of annihilation and assimilation that resulted from her Historical Studies at the Long Island Center.  She demonstrated to the audience how little many of us know about the Native American experience and their fight that continues to this day.

1904102_1491208317810286_3994049934409725030_nSecretary Jawana Richardson Jawana shared her Prior Learning Assessment experience in a way that encouraged students to explore their opportunities to earn college credit through the process.  She was informative and optimistic about PLA, which can seem daunting. Her panel presentation included valuable information for students who wanted to explore the PLA process.

10153973_642445185872378_5956693784818570740_nMember-at-Large Baraka Corley rocked the house with his presentation on healing from institutionalized racism to succeed in higher education.  He connected with the audience in a way that left so many feeling validated and positive.  Baraka was approached multiple times to present again at various events.


MSiA president Layla Abdullah-Poulos greeting a new member at StAC.

We are happy to say that the MSiA information table at StAC was quite popular.  Students wanted to learn what the club offered and were excited about getting involved in improving the ESC experience for students.  Over 30 students registered and became members!  There are now MSiA members at 8 Empire centers including:

Long Island Center, Metropolitan Center, Center for Distance Learning, School for Graduate Studies, Genesee Valley Center, Central New York Center, Hudson Valley Center, and the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies

Colonie-20141025-01353 - Copy

(left to right) Voices Poetry Club member Kristen, Voices President Omar Richards, and Forty Plus and Fabulous President Tanya Thompson with MSiA treasurer Melinda Wills-Stallings

In addition to the dynamic presentations and information tables, MSiA members took advantage of the time there to network with other clubs.  Collaboration with clubs like the Forty Plus and Fabulous, Science Club, The Entrepreneur Club, and the Voices Poetry Club are underway, as we anticipate developing future events for Empire students.

Empire’s administration was very supportive.  There was a sense that they truly want student clubs to succeed in their goal to make the ESC experience more fulfilling and rewarding.  The objectives of MSiA were well received and we were consistently offered help in attaining our goals for club members.  We would like to thank special event coordinator Susan McFadden for making sure all the printing and supplies were waiting for us at the conference.  A special thanks to director of alumni and student relations Maureen Winney for her advice and assistance with making MSiA happen!

Colonie-20141025-01349 (1)

Director of Alumni and Student Relations Maureen Winney


MSiA secretary Jawana Richardson with Director of Collegewide Student Services Patricia Myers



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