MSiA Meet and Greet at Old Westbury

Minority Students in Action club members gathered at the Empire State College’s Long Island Center to learn more about their club and each other.

The Meet and Greet was opened by MSiA faculty advisor Erin Young, PhD.  Dr. Young welcomed members and explored the meaning of the word minority.  She was poignant and informative, and many members affirmed her descriptions.  member-at large Baraka Corely provided socio-cultural background to demonstrate the need for Empire students to include involvement with each other at the college. “The people that you meet as part of this group, you may make connections that may last for years later.”  Both Young and Corely inspired and invigorated the audience to put the “action” in Minority Students in Action.

MSiA vice president E. Reginald Pope connected his experiences as a minority student with the club’s objectives as he presented them to the audience.  “We are forming synergy here to share in our ideas.”  Treasurer Melinda Wills-Stallings gave a background history of the club’s creation and activity to date, and club secretary Jawana Richardson let members know about future activities and what they could do to get involved.

Members shared their reasons for attending Empire, their experiences, and what they expected to gain from MSiA.

As the first official MSiA event, the Old Westbury Meet and Greet proved to be a great place form members to begin to connect and work together.  Members from various centers participated, including students from the Long Island and Metropolitan centers, Center for Distant Learning, Harry Van Arsdale, and The School for Graduate Studies.  There were representative from other college clubs in attendance as well.  LIC Community Action Student Club president Chris Tarello stopped by to show his club’s support for MSiA.  President of the Entrepreneurship Club Jullian Wyllie spoke about both the club he heads and the Black Male Initiative, of which he is a member. Member Mark Solomon informed us about the important work Empire State College Education for All (ESCEA) is doing to remove barriers to higher education.  All in attendance clearly are ready to move onward and upward!

Layla Abdullah-Poulos, President

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