“Circles of Powerlessness and Empowerment: Inspirations to Thought & Action” – The SUNY Empire State College Keep-Mills Residency on Ways of Knowing

The Keep-Mills Residency on Ways of Knowing is an annual residency offered to Empire State College Students.  The residency gives students an opportunity to learn in a blended environment, combining online discussions, residency collaboration, and a mentor-guided final project.

This year’s residency will afford students a chance to explore questions like:

  • What is powerlessness?
  • What is empowerment?
  • How do individuals, communities and entire societies understand its origins and respond to it?
  • How are people, as individuals and as members of groups, moved to think and act in new ways?
  • What inspires?
  • What readies us for such empowerment?
  • How can we understand powerlessness and empowerment from multiple angles — from the perspective of the psychologist, the artist, the business person, the social analyst, the educator, the historian and the community and social worker? (source:  Center for Mentoring and Learning)

For more information, read the flyer attached below:

keep mills

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