MSiA Mentor Appreciation Award Nominations

Thank YouEvery term, mentors and students at SUNY Empire State College engage in enriching learning.  Mentors play a significant role in guiding students through their studies and encouraging academic success.  In recognition of the hard work and dedication of Empire’s faculty, MSiA developed the “Mentor Appreciation Award”.  Members will have an opportunity to nominate a mentor who provided them a positive learning experience during the term.

Members may nominate a primary or course mentor for the Fall ’14 term.  Nominations can be made by completing the online nomination form or printing a paper form and returning it to:

Minority Students in Action

Empire State College Long Island Center

223 Storehill Rd.

Old Westbury, NY  11568

or emailing the form to

Students attending the End of the Term Luncheon may also bring their completed forms to the event. The deadline for nominations is December 19, 2014.  Any nominations received after this date will not be considered.

For more information, contact Layla Abdullah-Poulos at or

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