What to do During the Faculty No Appointment Period

1 MENTORThe Faculty No Appointment (FNA) period began today. The FNA period is a time for instructors to engage in their own professional development and complete paperwork for their students.  Although access to instructors is limited, there are still things you can do as a student to continue your studies:

  • If you have the Learning Contracts for next term’s courses, start to organize your assignments.  Enter assignment due dates in your student date book or planner.  Use a digital calendar (google calender, iCal, window calender, etc.) and set them to receive reminders of approaching due dates.
  • Start ordering books for next term.  It may take time for some books to arrive, so order well in advance of the beginning of the term.
  • Begin reading books for next term.  Look over your course texts.  Begin reading the most challenging material and write down any questions you may have for your instructor.
  • Attend some of your ESC unit’s workshops as well as college and student club events.  There are a lot of great chances to acquire academic skills and network with other students.  Interacting with your fellow students is essential to enriching your college experience and building a community of mutual support.
  • Work with a Learning Coach.  Learning Coaches are available to assist you with understanding your Learning Contract, study and reading skills, organization and time management, and navigating the college webpage and online learning environments like Moodle. Schedule a one-to-one tutoring session and bring whatever it is you need help with.
  • Research scholarships and developmental opportunities.  The time when scholarship recipients are selected is drawing near.  Search the SUNY Empire State College Foundation for scholarships and fellowships for which you may be eligible. If you are a graduate student, check out the Graduate Student Association’s webpage and  newsletter for networking and researching opportunities.
  • Blow off some steam!  Relax and enjoy time with family and friends.  You earned it.

Before you know it, you will be back into all of that dynamic learning with your mentors.

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