Support the Ban the Box and the End of Discriminatory Criminal Screening History in Higher Education


MSiA aligns with ESC EdforAll, The Black Male Initiative, and Forty Plus and Fabulous to end criminal screening during the college application process.  The process is not an indicator of future criminal behavior and unfairly presents obstacles to in the pathway to collegiate success in higher education for minority students.

CCA’s report on SUNY’s Use of Criminal History screening and applicant attrition is out today!

The Marshall Project did a separate report that speaks to the harmful effects of screening applicants .

Members of the Education From the Inside Out Coalition will be in Albany today and tomorrow to lobby support for the passage of the Fair Access to Education Act and the TAP Restoration Bill. I understand that everyone can’t drop everything and travel with us to but you can support the work by calling your elected official and demanding that they end these discriminatory practices.

Below is a list of the senators we plan on having face time with. Give all of them a call (repeatedly) and let them know why they should use their power to transform the criminal justice system. Speak to the individuals elected to represent all New Yorkers that mass incarceration destabilizes communities. Tell those who have been elected to represent all New Yorkers that education is a right for all and not a privilege for some. Tell those who have elected to represent all New Yorkers expansive institutional barriers to successful re-entry is expensive, ineffective and detrimental to the public safety of all New Yorkers.


Neil Breslin
Albany (518) 455-2225

Velmanette Montgomery
Brooklyn (718) 643-6140 
Albany (518) 455-3451

Patrick Gallivan 
Albany (518) 455-3471

Gustavo Rivera 
Albany (518) 455-3395
Bronx (718) 933-2034

Patty Ritchie
Albany (518) 455-3438

Kenneth P. LaValle
Long Island Office (631) 473-1461
Albany Office (518) 455-3121

Joseph A. Griffo
Albany (518) 455-3334
Utica (315) 793-9072

Bill Perkins
Albany Office (518) 455-2441
Harlem (212) 222-7315

Ruth Hassell-Thompson 
Albany (518) 455-2061
Bronx (718) 547-8854

Diane Savino
Albany (518) 455-2437
Staten Island (718) 727-9406
Brooklyn (718) 333-0311

Jeff Klein
Albany (518) 455-3595
Bronx (718) 822-2049

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