5 Steps to Requesting a SUNY Empire State College Scholarship Recommendation

keyboard-453795_1280Since the majority of SUNY Empire State College scholarships and fellowships require a recommendation from a course or primary mentor, it is important to contact them as soon as possible and ask for assistance in attaining funding. There are five things to consider when writing a request for a scholarship recommendation:

1. Know who to ask!

  • Think about those mentors with whom you would feel most comfortable to ask for assistance.
  • Consider asking for a recommendation during your next meeting or phone conference.
  • You may also want to approach a member of the college’s staff, like a student services coordinator or director of academic support services, for a recommendation.

2. Ask directly and politely.

Examples include:

Hello Dr. Mentor (use first name if that is established between the two of you)…
I was hoping you would be willing to recommend me for a scholarship
I found the following scholarships, for which I will be a good candidate
I am interested in the (name scholarship), and I was hoping you could recommend me

3. List each scholarship and description.

  • Generate a list of possible scholarships and request a recommendation for all of them at once.
  • Ask more than one mentor or staff.

4. Tell them about yourself.

  • Don’t write a long biography.
  • Concentrate on those things about you that directly relate to the scholarship’s requirements.
  • Provide essential information that will allow mentors to connect you with the funding.
  • Try writing your self-description in a way that will make it easy for the mentor to copy and paste it in their recommendation letter.

5. Write a Thank you letter if funding is received!



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