SUNY Empire State College Scholarships Available!

dollar-163473_1280It is that time of the academic year when the SUNY Empire State College Foundation begins to consider students for scholarships.  These funds can make a significant difference in a student’s ability to pay tuition and fees.  The main requirements to be a candidate for any SUNY Empire State College scholarship includes:

  • Financial Need – as determined by submitting a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid),
  • Matriculated – completed at least 8 credits with SUNY Empire State College
  • GPA – indicating successful academic progress (some scholarships may have specific GPA requirements)
  • Coursework Completion – at least 80% completed

Students are also considered for scholarships based upon mentor recommendations.  It is important to contact mentors and request one from them.  Tips on asking a mentor for a scholarship recommendation can be found by visiting the MSiA “Tips and Hacks” page.

Search the many scholarships available on the SUNY Empire State College Foundation’s “Scholarships” page.  It is important to search both the collegewide scholarships and those offered by your location (i.e. Center for Distance Learning, Long Island, Metropolitan, School for Graduate Studies, etc.).

Contact your location’s student services coordinator for more information and directions.


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