2015 New York Summer Residential Leadership Development Program for Women Applications Available

NEW LeadershipTM New York (NLNY), is a program of the Women’s Leadership Academy (WLA) at the Center for Women in Government & Civil Society (CWGCS). In partnership with the National Education for Women’s  (NEW) Leadership Network, a bi-partisan program to educate college women about the political process and teach them to become effective leaders, NEW LeadershipTM New York is the first and only program of its kind in New York State.  A week-long, residential undergraduate leadership development program for women, NLNY strives to instill the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for effective political engagement and community organizing.

The goals of the New Leadership New York program are to increase:

  • Self-efficacy of participants regarding leadership capacity and capabilities;
  • Knowledge of political and policy-making processes, and ways by which women can shape the public policy process;
  • Leadership principles and approaches of women political and policy leaders; how political campaigns are organized and run;, and
  • The critical importance of diversity in enriching the democratic political participation.
  • Awareness and preparedness of career options in the fields of politics and public policy; and
  • Skills in developing and organizing a campus or community engagement project at their home institutions or communities. (source:  New Leadership New York)

Program information and application can be found on the  NEW Leadership New York  webpage.

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