Thank You Message from Dorothea Lipari: Fall ’14 Mentor Appreciation Award Recipeient

To my students in MSiA,
It is with extreme gratitude to be chosen from this astonishing group of students to be the first recipient of your Mentor Appreciation Award.  For me, “mentoring” has always been more than teaching and guiding students through their course work, but also establishing a genuine relationship with each of my students from the start.  Every student who comes through my door deserves respect, to be valued, listened intently to each goal and aspiration, encouraged by truly validating each and every inner and academic strength thus by proving this enables their own empowerment and success.  It is rewarding, yet humbling, to know that I have touched your lives in a positive “mentor” regard.  Thank you all.

Your forever mentor,
Dorothea Lipari

Dorothea Lipari, LMSW
Mentor/Empire State College
Community and Human Services
Riverhead Unit: Mon/Tu

303 Griffing Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901
Main Phone: 631-208-2970

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