A Message from MSiA President



On behalf of the Minority Students in Action Executive Board, I would like to wish members and all SUNY Empire State College students an intellectually stimulating and productive 2015-2016 academic year. 

There are a lot of club events planned this year.  Executive board members Erin Young, E. Reginald Pope, Melinda Wills-Stallings, Robert Barton II, Sandra Barkevich, and Tanya Thompson have been working with me to bring back some of the club’s most successful events, including Meet and Greets, Student-Mentor Relationship Forums, and End of the Term Luncheons. There will also be new events like Beyond the Bachelors:  The Next Steps for Grad School Success as well as movie screenings followed by analytical discussions.

 We are especially excited at the opportunity to have events at Empire State College locations across the state.  As a club open to all ESC students, MSiA offers an opportunity for members to connect with each other statewide and build a strong voice at the college.

Those attending this year’s Empire State College Student Academic Conference can meet MSiA fellows from numerous ESC locations.  To date, MSiA boasts a club membership exceeding 90 individuals consisting of new and returning students, and alum.  Don’t forget to stop by the MSiA table and share your club membership experience!  You can also help us welcome new MSiA members!

MSiA will continue to be a venue for members to build an academic community, support each other in academic achievement, and enhance their collegiate experiences.

Good luck with your studies!

Layla Abdullah-Poulos


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