Protect Students of Color from Racism (PSCR)

signMinority Students in Action, ESC Education for All, the Black Male Initiative  and the ESC Human Services Collaborative launched the “Protect Students of Color from Racism” letter campaign.  We are asking New Yorkers to write Governor Andrew Cuomo and tell him to have SUNY College administrators enact measures to safeguard students of color from the harmful effects of racial microaggressions and assaults on campuses. Racism and cultural insensitivity in various forms carry negative psychological effects on students of color, distracts them from their academic endeavors, and creates an environment of exclusion on campus.  It is essential for colleges across the state to keep students safe.

1PRINTANDSIGNPlease print the letter, add your contact information and sign it. Then either scan the letter and email it to msia4students@ or mail it to: Minority Students in Action, P.O. Box 662, Mastic, NY  11950

1 Core 4 (3).JPG


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