CFP: NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education


SPECIAL ISSUE: Call for Manuscripts
NASPA Journal About Women in Higher Education 

Centering the Experiences of Black Undergraduate Women in College

Guest Editors: Lori D. Patton Indiana University, Natasha N. Croom, Iowa State University, & Chayla Haynes, University of Northern Colorado

Kaba (2008) asked, “Are Black American women the new model minority?” (p. 309). His question is both relevant and troubling when considering Black undergraduate women. It is relevant given that Black women consistently outpace their male counterparts in terms of degree completion; hence fueling a narrative that these women have a problem-free existence. Kaba’s question is equally troubling given numerous critiques of the model minority myth when applied to Asian and Asian American racial and ethnic groups. The narrative situates Black women as a monolithic group of “super women” who withstand, resist, and persist no matter the costs; emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. The “new model minority” myth ignores the multiple contexts that shape and influence the experiences and lives of Black undergraduate women. This myth endangers the support, advocacy, and visibility that Black undergraduate women deserve as they choose, matriculate and complete college. It also discredits the multiple ways in which they are marginalized within education and society. 

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