2016 Minority Students in Action Elections

As the president and chief electoral officer, I would like to make a formal announcement of the results of the 2016 Minority Students in Action Elections. The returning and new board members help ensure the leadership, continuity, and professionalism that is essential to MSiA. Effective July 1, 2016, the Minority Students in Action Executive Board will comprise of:

MSiA Board 2016-2017

Note: There is a vacant position on the MSiA Executive Board, Communications Coordinator. The communications coordinator’s duties are as follows:

  • record minutes and prepare agendas at all General Assembly and Executive Board meetings and make them readily available to members upon request.
  • keep records of attendance at all MSIA General Assembly meetings.
  • Manage Organization Membership Database
  • Manage Membership forms
  • Distribute Welcome Letters to New Members
  • Manage Alumni Roster
  • Generate promotional materials
  • Social media
  • Flyers
  • Organization information materials   
  • Generate general correspondence with members for email blasts
  • Manage Mailings
  • Generate organization forms
  • Generate Financial forms (in collaboration with treasurer)
  • develop and maintain a scrapbook of memorabilia in which to record the organization’s history,
  • prepare displays of organization activities and submit stories of former members to the media; and
  • shall keep all files and calendars.
  • May appoint an assistant secretary – at his/her discretion.

We invite all member interested to please contact us at msia4students@gmail.com to apply for the position. Holding a club board position provides the opportunity to develop and hone leadership skills and enhances one’s C.V.

Thanks to all who voted for those who will represent Minority Students in Action. By participating in this important process, MSiA can continue to grow and excel!