LIC Academic Support Services

Information and Material can be found on the LIC Academic Support Services page.

One-to-One Tutoring

One-to-One Tutoring are half-hour sessions for students who want to receive individual assistance with any part of the writing process.  Sessions are available at the Old Westbury and Hauppauge units of the Long Island Center.

Unit Days Time
Old Westbury Tuesdays 3pm-5pm
Hauppauge MondaysWednesdays 5pm-6pm5pm-8pm


Online One-to-One Tutoring

One-to-One Tutoring are half-hour sessions providing the same assistance to students that they would receive at a center. It is open to all ESC students. Students can email the assignment they need help with, and I will review it with them online. The session is live and any suggestions can be seen instantly. Sessions are offered on Saturdays, from 1 pm to 4 pm with the following writing coaches:

Layla – 1-2pm

Dana – 2-4pm

Writing Workshops

Each week, there is a writing workshop addressing a part of the writing process. Topics include developing a research topic from current readings, academic codes and conventions, avoiding plagiarism, and acquiring the skills essential to becoming an efficient academic writer. Writing workshops are offered at Old Westbury and Hauppauge units of the Long Island Center.

Unit Days Time
Old Westbury Tuesdays 6pm-8pm
Hauppauge Mondays 6pm-8pm

Online Writing Workshops

Writing workshops are offered online on Saturdays; from 11 am to 1 pm. Workshops are live, and students with microphones are welcome to ask questions and give comments.  Those without microphones will able to type comments and questions in a chat box.  Students will receive a recording of workshop sessions for future reference.

Topics for each week’s writing workshop can be found on the workshop calendars.

To avoid confusion, it is important to be specific, and inform the person taking your registration information whether it is a one-to-one tutoring session (individual ½ hour session) or a writing workshop (2 hour workshop with other students) you want to attend.

Special Workshops

In addition to the above workshops, Academic Support Services does offer special workshops.  Unlike the regular writing workshops offered throughout the term, availability of these workshops is limited.  One such workshop is the Starting the Term off Right workshop.  This workshop is given at the beginning of the term, and is an opportunity for students to address the essentials for a successful semester.

Additional Academic Services

Another services provided to students is Smarthinking, the online tutoring service.  You can register for this service through the ESC online Learning Support.  Just go onto myESC and click the “Learning Support” tab or use this link :  You can then click on the Smarthinking Online Tutoring Service  link and register.  Smarthinking allows you to upload your written work in order to receive feedback and assistance from a tutor. You will also have access to the website’s Writer’s Handbook.


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