NEW: “Who’s on Campus: Spotlight” with Robert Barton II

In this “Who’s on Campus:  Spotlight” video, SUNY Empire Student and Alumni Business Club president Robert Barton II talks to  Academic Review Specialist, Kameylah Hakim, about the benefits of PLA.

For more information about the SUNY Empire Student and Alumni Business Club, visit the college’s Student Clubs page.

SUNY Empire Student and Alumni Business Club’s Video Series “Who’s on Campus: Spotlight”

The SUNY Empire Student and Alumni Business Club launched the Who’s on Campus:  Spotlight” video series.  Hosted by club president Robert Barton II, the videos follow Robert as he talks to college faculty, staff, and students to showcase all the great things SUNY Empire State College has to offer.

In the first video, Robert talks to director of academic support Aimee Woznick about services available for all students to help them attain academic success!

For more information about the SUNY Empire Student and Alumni Business Club, visit the college’s Student Clubs page.

5 Steps to Requesting a SUNY Empire State College Scholarship Recommendation

keyboard-453795_1280Since the majority of SUNY Empire State College scholarships and fellowships require a recommendation from a course or primary mentor, it is important to contact them as soon as possible and ask for assistance in attaining funding. There are five things to consider when writing a request for a scholarship recommendation: Continue reading

Flash Drive Care Basics

usbFlash drives are essential technological tools for students who need a portable means to edit and submit their work.  They are affordable and generally reliable, but it is important to take proper care of flash drives in order to avoid the files they contain becoming corrupted or lost.  Below are some basic steps to properly handle flash drives and protect the information they contain. Continue reading

How to Read for Grad School

Reading for graduate studies is often very extensive. This article offers good tips to tackling that long book list.

Miriam E. Sweeney


In graduate school the work load increases and students will find that they are expected to master two to three times the material that they were used to as an undergraduate.  This can be intimidating to the point of overwhelming a student into paralysis.  Following these tips should help you master your readings instead of allowing the readings to master you!

1.     Read Strategically, Not Linearly. Reading for graduate school is different than reading a book for pleasure.  When we read for pleasure we often start at the beginning of the book, reading carefully in a linear fashion.  If you do this with your academic material, it will take twice as long and it is likely you won’t retain the right kind of information from the reading.  Instead of reading linearly, read strategically.  As an academic reader your job is to mine the text you are reading for information. …

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