Minority Students in Action Webinars

keyboard-428326_1280MSiA is hosting a series of webinars  presented by guests from Empire State College’s faculty and staff as well as professionals and experts in a variety of fields.  During 2015, webinars include*:

Month Webinar Title Presenter
January 1/30/15 Hard Drives and Flash Drives and Clouds…Oh My! – Picking the Best Way to Save your Best Work – Webinar Recording Available *Get 50GB of BOX storage!* Layla Abdullah-Poulos, BA, Learning Coach, ESC Long Island Center
February 2/26/15 The Hermeneutics of Racial Codes in Visual Representations – Sound Cloud Recording Available
Layla Abdullah-Poulos, BA, Learning Coach, ESC Long Island Center
March           3/26/15  Celebrating Women’s History Month Aiesha Turman, MA, Adjunct Professor ESC Metropolitan Center
May          TBA Celebrating Asian-American History Month Erin Young, PhD., Associate Professor ESC Long Island Center
August       TBA Prior Learning Assessment Kameylah Hakim, Assessment Specialist
September  TBA Business Leadership: How to lead to Succeed Rob Cohen, Adjunct Mentor ESC Long Island Center
October      TBA The Impact of Concealed Mood Disorders Sahar Abdulaziz, MS., Author and Speaker on health and wellness
November   TBA Resiliency, Healing, and Self-Efficacy for the African-American Student:  The Development of Strategies to Successfully Combat Institutionalized Racism and Internalized Oppression in Higher Education Baraka Corley BS., Outreach Recruitment Specialist ESC Long Island Center

* Webinar dates are subject to change.


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