Spring Term ’15 Mentor Appreciation Award: Student Remarks

Below are a few statements made by students on the Spring 2015 Mentor Appreciation Award applications:

Frances Boyce
Frances has been a major support in my success as an ESC student. Frances continues to challenge me beyond what I thought I could achieve. She places the bar high and always and always ensures me that I can achieve all I want for myself. She has mentored me in and out of my academics – with a best interest approach. She told me that I am meant to “thrive not just survive”, which was life changing for me, and I left an abusive work environment due to her mentoring.

Professor Boyce’s approach generates mutual respect between student and mentor. She lets you know from the start that she expects excellence and will work with you to attain it.

Donna Gaines
She embodies the patience and service that represents the humanities portion of her studies. She is a great listener. I love Professor Gaines.

Diana Hawkins
She is the MOST AMAZING MENTOR EVER!!! She took time out of the last day of her Cape Cod vacation to phone and email all day just to ensure my degree got accepted for final review. It almost didn’t happen. But she went WAY above and beyond the call of duty. I love her!!!

Susan Hollis  

Dr. Hollis allowed me to hone my academic skills in a way that honored my lifestyle. Her immense background in religious studies provides for critical and vibrant discussions. Dr. Hollis also takes the time to talk with students about their academic and life aspirations. Her expertise, support, and sage advice helped me to excel both at the college and in my profession.

Dorothea Lipari
I was very concerned about completing Educational Planning and my other courses because I work two full-time jobs. Dorthea not only explained things in a way that I could easily understand, she also kept encouraging me to stay on track.

Elana Michelson
Dr. Michelson made a very difficult course approachable and gave me direction that helped me embrace the subject matter without fear. She is patient and has the ability to be critical but not hurtful in her criticism. I was able to navigate this course and come out the other side with an abundance of knowledge not only about adult learning but peripheral areas where I now have a better understanding and ability to analyze and discuss critically.

MaryNell Morgan
Dr. Morgan is an outstanding instructor and academic. Sessions with her opened my eyes to an exciting mode of learning. She encouraged me to excel academically and to explore my studies in a way that will augment my professional life.

Rhianna Rogers
Dr. Rogers is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of academia. She has provided and facilitated opportunities for students across the state to collaborate and share ideas regarding a wide variety of topics. More recently, her symposium on issues facing citizens and policing provided valuable insight and solutions for students and their communities.

Richard Savior
Dr. Richard Savior epitomizes the word mentor. Starting from the moment you walk into his office for the first time, up until graduation, he supports and guides you in any area of need. I am a testimony to his generosity. I have just been offered a job by a company where Dr Savior helped get me an internship. I graduate this summer with a job to go with it, thanks to Dr Savior. Numerous students will say exactly the same thing about this good man. I strongly recommend him for this award, and thank him for all his help.

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