Vice President

VICE PRESIDENT – E. Reginald Pope

20140918_201900E. Reginald Pope is a student of the Long Island Center, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development. Mr Pope is an active part of his community. He is a member of numerous advocacy organizations like the Americans for Civil Liberties Union and New York Communities for Change. In addition, Mr. Pope co-founded vital grass-roots programs such as the Freeport Community Development Agency, National Action Network and the Disabled Education Assistance and Re-Entry Program. These programs are a testament to Mr. Pope’s determination to participate in the growth and development of his community; they are also a driving force for his academic aspirations. This contributes to his vigorous studiousness at Empire State College.

Mr. Pope utilizes his academic proficiencies and interpersonal communication skills to support students who feel anxious or unsure that they could attain their academic goals. Ernest has been instrumental in developing camaraderie between ESC students, who often are remote from each other as independent leamers.

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